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Nov 19, 2023

Between the two of us, we have combined 27 years in photography,10 years in IT and have lived through 9 business relocations. 


4 moves ago I was frustrated watching my peers grow their businesses in one place while I was starting from scratch again. I knew I couldn’t be the only one relocating and wanting more financial stability. Despite my Googling, all I could find were vague blog posts, moderately interesting podcasts but not one truly helpful resource on how to relaunch my business in a new city. 


Since then, I’ve streamlined a process to relocate and restart my business faster - booking clients within a month of arriving in my new location. It is possible to have clients waiting for you on the other side! I can help get you there. 


I’ve pivoted after 10 years as a wedding photographer to lifestyle newborns and then moved my business twice in 2 years. Each time I used SEO to get found on Google and grow my business.


As a former IT nerd, I have a knack for taking technical things and making them simple and relatable. I’m using that superpower for good and helping photographers tackle their website SEO and get booked by their ideal clients!